Summer life hack: camping in a hammock

Ultraleichte Hängematte aus roter Fallschirmseide hängt an einem alten Steinbruch an zwei Bäumen.

by Tanita Steckel

Finally summer (well, almost), finally being outside, finally enjoying a bit of freedom. For us, this means one thing above all: hammock out and off for it! Summer time is travel time, and even if a few things are different this year than usual - summer time is still vacation time! And pssst: A hammock is part of a really relaxing holiday. Logical. Did you know that a hammock is not just the perfect one Addition for your camping equipment - but can even replace parts of it? Yes, really: just leave the tent at home and take these instead hammock with.

Camping with a hammock saves space

Camping mit HÄNG Hängematte | @pinepins

Hammocks are not only super stylish, but also incredibly comfortable. No wonder: hammocks (originally hamacas) were the ones sleeping places of the Native Americans. Of course they are comfortable. By the way: If you want more about the origin of the hammocks, once here along.

In addition, the HÄNG is so light and small that it doesn't take up any valuable space in your backpack. Instead, there is more space for the important things: a good book, your favorite chocolate or a board game.

And while we're on the subject, if you're in the hammock camp, you save space at your overnight accommodation. Of course, a hammock needs attachment options. But it doesn't always have to be two trees. A tree is often enough - for example if you have traveled with a van. So there is no need to look for a large and level open space for your tent.

And THE advantage of a hammock par excellence: you save yourself the hassle of setting up the tent. The HÄNG can be moored in less than a minute. 

Camping in a hammock is better for nature

In addition, a tent flattens the grass and the insects crawling there. In the worst case, the piece of meadow does not recover so quickly. With the HANG you bypass the problem because you're hanging off the ground. And that has another advantage: You don't have to worry about being surprised by animals at night - and the view is better too 😁Pro Tip: If you want to hang out on the same trees for a long time, a tree saver is a good idea - like ours SOAP.

Camping with a hammock is just super relaxed

Real talk: We simply sleep better in the HÄNG than in bed. Honest. And we're not alone - science proves us right. There's a reason we rock babies to sleep: because it works. The same principle applies to a hammock. So give it a try and let yourself be carried away HANG rock to sleep 🙂

A hammock for camping? Then get yourself a HANG. The classic. Since 2014. By the way, it's available here ⬇️

Camping in a hammock: how it works

Want to try it out? A few final tips from us so that the desired recovery effect really occurs.

First: Lie at an angle in your hammock. This stretches the sling taut and keeps your back straight. Added bonus: Your weight is distributed absolutely evenly. This creates fewer pressure points. And that in turn means you don't have to toss and turn at night. Result: A deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Secondly: From an air temperature of approx. 21°C it is cozy and warm in the HÄNG. At least that's our subjective feeling. If it's still a bit cooler at night in early summer, an underquilt - a kind of sleeping bag for your hammock - is a good remedy.

Third: Find a place that is either well protected from the rain by trees or where you can put up a tarp - a kind of rain cover. Then there can be no wet surprises at night 😁

HANG, instead of a tent, sleeping bag & sleeping pad = ultra light, fits in any backpack & is a lot of fun! ⬇️