Camping made ultra easy: This is how you save unnecessary weight when packing

Ein Mann liegt laechelnd in einer schwarzweissen Campinghaengematte von HAENG Outdoors. Im Hintergrund sind ein gelber Campervan und ein Hund in der Natur

It's like this: Holidays in nature are only fun as long as the luggage is light 🎒. At the latest when the van's axles or your back groan, it's time to think about lighter equipment.

And one can do that, for example hammock be. You read that right:

Simply replace your tent with a hammock!

Because even the lightest one-person tents easily weigh almost 2 kg 😱 and take up a lot of space. The sleeping pad and sleeping bag also weigh at least 2 kg.

One HANG hammock? Just 850 g - and it folds up so small that it really fits in any backpack. And it's even big enough for two 🥰

That's 3 kg less that you have to lug around with you. And that pays off, especially on longer hikes. Or when it's over 30 degrees again and every step is exhausting anyway 🥵. Then you can also easily take a siesta in the hammock - because the HANG is attached in less than a minute.

To ensure that this works the first time, here are practical assembly instructions:


Sleep in the hammock?

If hanging up has worked, you can doze off in your HANG. Yes, you read that right: Siesta in the HANG! Or spend the entire camping adventure in the hammock.

Eine Frau liegt in einer roten Haengematte aus Fallschirmseide unter einer blauen Campingdecke und doest.

All skeptics should be told: It works - very well! Sleeping in a hammock is healthy and has one or the other nice side effect. In order to convince even the last doubter, we have collected the best arguments here: Can you sleep in a hammock?

Never carry too much on a camping holiday again

💡 Pro tip to lighten your luggage by at least 3 kg: pack a versatile camping blanket. Instead of a camping blanket, a sleeping bag, an awning, a tent, etc., an all-in-one solution is better - for example our all-rounder, the TIRE. Perfect for sleeping outdoors in combination with the HÄNG hammock and as a replacement for a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

HANG + DÄCKE = outdoor sleeping experience ²

The TIRE keeps you just as warm as a good sleeping bag (at least!), is water- and dirt-repellent (and therefore the ideal picnic blanket, even with children who like to mess!) and has practical corner loops so that you can attach it - or use it as an awning.

The best? The DÄCKE weighs just 750 g!

Time to make your camping experience easier? Then start with a HANG + DÄCKE ⬇️