Well-being at work

Wellbeing am Arbeitsplatz

Don't you think that's funny too? Spending five days a week counting down the days until the weekend? So that you can then live your life from Friday to Sunday, only to find out in horror on Sunday evening that Monday is just around the corner. And then you have to torture yourself back to work and serve your eight hours before you can go out into freedom again. Many live like this or something similar, and for some, the mere thought of work and work triggers frustration, doubt and worry. But why is it like that? Shouldn't a place and activity in which we spend so much of our lives be beautiful and fun? Not every job allows it, in the hammock to work, that's for sure. But we at HÄNG think it's time to talk about a topic that has increasingly come to the fore in recent years: that Wellbeing at work. 

What is wellbeing at work anyway? 

Wellbeing describes your mental and physical state at work. Of course, it's best if you just feel completely comfortable at your workplace. Of course, there are various aspects involved, but ultimately the employer should strive to create individual well-being for his or her employees.

And why is that important? 

Well, first and foremost, of course, for you, your mental and physical health. But if you love what you do, have fun, and feel comfortable, you'll also be more productive and work better. So it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

How is wellbeing best implemented?

The employer must clearly and primarily contribute to wellbeing in the workplace. Bright rooms, pleasant room temperatures and the mental health of the employees should be a priority. Self-reflection, employee interviews and team building within the company are ways to increase wellbeing in the workplace. But above all, due to the office transformation to home office, social contact and cohesion among colleagues are extremely important. Don't underestimate how much the coffee gossip with your favorite colleagues can be missing.


But it is also very important that you take care of your own health. Don't drag yourself to work sick, take a break when you need it, and reflect on your day and your state of mental health. Prioritize yourself, your physical and mental health. No job in the world is worth damaging your health. 

Wellbeing at work through the change in work

Corporate structures and jobs are changing. What seemed unrealistic two years ago is now commonplace. Thanks to work change, new work and work action models. Work in Bali or chill in the HANG instead of in the open-plan office? Easy possible and realizable. A job that adapts to you and allows for open working hours? Yes, thanks to trust and motivation - and virtual offices. Of course, all of these are also measures to promote wellbeing in the workplace. As we have been doing at HÄNG for many years, you can  here read


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