Three ideas how to use your blanket in spring

Drei Ideen wie du deine Decke im Frühling nutzen kannst

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. It's finally that time again, spring is just around the corner! The days are a whole lot longer and the sun worshipers among us are being drawn outside again. And you know what that means: Soon we'll be able to spend every free minute outside again!  🥳 Matching the opening of the outdoor season, you can get yours right away TIRE snap, because we have three ideas for your spring with yours TIRE ready. 

Outdoor sports - the DÄCKE as a replacement for yoga mats

Sports enthusiasts are now particularly drawn outside to do sports in the fresh air and in the sunshine. But jogging is not your thing now? How about a relaxed yoga session in your own flow? Even if you don't have your yoga mat ready, that's no problem! Just use one for that TIRE. It is really great as a mat replacement and withstands liquids - if the meadow was not completely dry after all.

The classic: a picnic 

Many of us take an outdoor break in winter and are therefore, like us, perhaps not as fit as in summer. Sometimes it's better to start small with the first outdoor adventure of the year. 

So just grab your dearest friend and have an extensive picnic in the bright sunshine! Nothing beats relaxing in the sun with some snacks and good music, right? ☀️

Say goodbye to the cold floor

What is perhaps still a bit unfavorable, especially at the beginning of spring, are the large temperature differences between the shaded and sunny side. Unfortunately, the floor, benches and all kinds of seating are not very inviting and uncomfortable if they are not illuminated by the sun for hours. Of course, dressing warmly helps, but a cold back after sitting down for a short time certainly doesn't like a lot of people. Just pack a blanket for that. Whether it's coffee in town or a walk in the woods. Just take a bigger bag with you. Or you can take ours right away TIRE - it comes with an extra stuff sack and is therefore extremely space-saving. 

Bonus: the DÄCKE as an underquilt 

Who now likes in the HANG want to chill but find it too cold in the shade, you can easily get an underquilt out of the TIRE build - Greta and Paul show how it's done!  



Even though winter isn't quite over yet and it's getting extremely cold in the evenings - we can't wait for our favorite season of the year! And until then, we'll just grab one TIRE in your luggage - so nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous outdoor adventure. And you can do it with the until summer TIRE also still good in the evening HANG endure. 


Better for two in the HANG? Then get the DÄCKE im now TWIN PACK!