Ideas for the HANG

Ideen für die HÄNG

It's finally warm! And we feel like making the area unsafe again with our hammock. Now that the sun is shining again and spring is here, nothing stands between us and our favorite hobby: chilling in the HANG. And as hammock professionals, we also like to share our ideas and tips for spring

Fasten a hammock on the balcony

Now that it's nice and warm, we like to go out on the balcony. And because of course it also suffered in winter, the balcony deserves a glow-up. Ever thought of yours hammock to mount on the balcony? Then you have the following options:

Attach hammock to post

Maybe your balcony has posts that you can use. That would be the simplest method, yours hammock to hang up 

Fasten the hammock to the wall mount 

Or maybe your previous tenant had an awning or something similar and you can now take advantage of the corresponding holes. If not, just ask your property manager if you can attach a bracket yourself. If they give their go, we can start. How exactly you attach a wall mount, you can here read.

Trip to the city park - fix a hammock in the city park

Almost everyone surely has a nice park nearby. After a picnic or a round of table tennis, there is actually nothing better than chilling in the HANG and relaxing for a round. And as long as the trees are not damaged, that is also allowed. It is best to make sure that the trees are strong enough when hanging them up. The tree circumference should be about the size of a regular pizza. You can also use one for younger or particularly sensitive trees Baumschoner use


To make a campfire

The best thing about spring is that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. You can use this for a great campfire. After stick bread, it also digests better when lying in a hammock. And if it's colder, it helps TIRE gladly out. 


Excursions with children 

Even if discovering something new is always nice and great, a trip with the family can become really exhausting after a while, especially for the little ones. Rest breaks are important so that the mood does not change - a hammock is super practical for this. The HANG comes with an integrated stuff sack, so you don't have to carry a lot around with you. 

Would you like to experience your own spring adventures in the HAMMOCK now? Then go for it!