"Discover where you live"
Mann in der Natur hebt eine Hängematte in die Luft

About Hegefire

Name: Simon from Hegefire
Age: 34
Location: Baden, Germany
Favorite HÄNG product: defintively, the HÄNG
What you like most about the hammock HÄNG: it's well thought out, good pack size and really robust
Favorite Outdoor-Spot: in Germany: The Swiss Saxony, in Europe: Ticino.
Your Outdoor-Tip: All-purpose weapon: wet wipes and duct tape, you can solve (almost) all problems with them
About you:
Discovering beautiful places and telling about them is my hobby. On my Tiktok account I tell about the road trips through Germany and Europe. The nicest for me: comments like "because of you we went there and had a nice wekend“ or „I live 10 km away and didn't know that - I have to go there“. What shocks me are: „Comments like, „that's never Germany –FAKE.“ I consider that funny on the one hand, but sad on the other. That's why: Discover,where you live…


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