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Questions about the products?

Span, load or everything to do with shipping...

You don't have to wash your DÄCKE after every use. The following applies: as often as necessary, as seldom as possible! The DWR coating is water-repellent. This means that even larger contaminants can be easily wiped off. If a wash is necessary, the best way to do it is as follows: 

- Hand wash in a bathtub & only very heavily soiled in the washing machine (no top loader).

- Select gentle program without spinning (0-30°). Then select Rinse & Spin again.

- Absolutely avoid fabric softener. This can damage the composite of the artificial down.- Use a special detergent for down (1/3 is enough).

- The DÄCKE dries best in the fresh air.

- Do not hang to dry. This can cause the filling to shift.

- It is best to lay it flat on the ground in the sun.

- Turn & shake out more often.

- Even if everything seems dry again, there may still be a little moisture inside. Better to let it dry for several hours.

It is no problem at all to keep your DÄCKE in the stuff sack for several days. But please uncompressed, because extreme compression can impair the heat effect in the long run. But if you don't use them for a long time, you can store them in the largest pillowcase you have.

You can wash the HÄNG at 30° without hesitation (please remove the carabiners beforehand). You'd better save yourself the tumble dryer, because the HANG dries in the air in 10 minutes and that protects the material and saves electricity and time :)

She is both. Admittedly, the HÄNG is most comfortable when you're lying in it alone, but we had the ambition that lounging should also be comfortable for two, so we made the HÄNG larger so that nothing stands in the way of your next date in the park.

The extra wide straps of our hammock suspension are already designed to protect the tree from damage to the bark and cambium (the water-bearing layer). In special cases we recommend using an underlay. You can't go wrong with SÄVE, especially with particularly young trees or with an installation that takes longer than a few days. Take a look at ours Blog over, there we have a very detailed article about protecting trees and how best to hang up the HÄNG. Or use ours Hammock HANG Calculator.😉 If you attach your HANG to a tree for a long time or, for example, to sharp edges on the balcony, you can also use our protective pad SÄVE to use.

Clear! You can easily order an additional attachment from us. With this you can either extend your straps or replace the old straps and continue to use your HÄNG!

We have prepared this video for that!

Questions about delivery & shipping?

Whether express or worldwide...

Oh yes! Our HÄNG products belong in the big wide world, which is why we offer worldwide delivery. You can find information about shipping conditions abroad here .

In Germany the delivery time is approx. 2-3 working days after receipt of payment. You can find more detailed information below the respective product description.

Questions about payment and prices?

You can pay by: PayPal, credit card, Amazon pay, Google pay or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Purchase on account is possible through our partner Klarna.

Please note that in the case of a bank transfer, we will only ship your order once the money has been credited to our account.

You can find our shipping conditions here !