Mission & Vision

Vision & Mission

High goals

What would a perfect world look like?
Our purpose statement is so high that we will probably never achieve it. But that doesn't stop us from trying it.


"A world in which everyone wants and can experience adventures in the fresh air."

- HÄNG Outdoors

What we mean:

[One World] We see the planet as a whole and transcend boundaries

[everyone] We believe that all people are equal and we oppose discrimination of any kind.

[in the fresh air] Whether balcony or expedition. Outdoor means something different for everyone.

[will] We want to motivate people and show them that nature is fun.

[can] We are committed to ensuring that work is so flexible that everyone can choose their own time off.

Encourage everyone

Mission possible

What do we want to create and how do we want to achieve this goal? Our vision is the question WHAT , while the mission is the question HOW .


"Our stories, products and actions should encourage everyone to experience time outside."

-HANG Outdoors

Frau mit lockigem dunklen Haar, schwarzem Fischerhut und Sonnenbrille hat einen schwarzen Stuffsack mit HÄNG Aufschrift über die Schulter geworfen. Sie blickt über ihre Schulter hinweg in die Kamera. Im Hintergrund spiegelt sich Wasser und man sieht zwei Bäume.
Let's go...
We think everyone needs a hammock, but nobody needs a reason.