verschiedene Schlagzeilen über das Thema Retouren und ein grün hinterlegter "#HÄNGupcycled" Schriftzug

Upcycle ein HÄNG Produkt deiner Wahl

Against waste of resources, for the environment

One in 25 orders returned to online shops and mail order companies is destroyed. Sounds little?

Let's put it another way: in 2018 there were 20 MILLION in Germany alone
Products ended up in the garbage. We find that incredibly sad
is. And quite a waste of resources.
That's why we don't just throw away any returns from the start.
But at some point the question arises: What to do with B-Ware and
returns? We believe: Even a HÄNG with loose threads deserves a second chance. And this is where you come into play!

This is how it works:

All returns are currently given to upcyclers.

In concrete terms, this means that many great people are busy breathing a second life into DÄCKE, HÄNG and BÄG.

our upcyclers have the chance to vote for this or that
Upcycler: to participate in the year - just the finished upcycled
Product on Instagram with the hashtag #HÄNGupcycled share & link us.

Of course, the winner will also receive a little something - but what exactly remains our secret.

Mann mit schwarzer Kappe liegt in einer roten Hängematte aus seidigem Stoff und lässt die Füße baumeln. Im Hintergrund sieht man Häuser aus der Ferne
Picknickdecke in blau und grün liegt auf einer Wiese. Darauf sitzt und liegt eine Gruppe von Freunden.