Wild & Free Family

"We love the sea and travel quite often. Thus, the HÄNG offers us many opportunities for relaxation, fun, and action at the Ocean."

Mann einer Hängematte am Strand
Frau mit ihrem Kind in einer Hängematte am Strand

About Wild & Free Family

Name: June, Kello and the Kids
Age: from 04 years to 55
Location: Fuerteventura
Favorite HÄNG Product: HÄNG and SÄVE
What you like most about HÄNG: Our HÄNG is everywhere with you; it is super compact and lightweight, swift and easy to hang, and the trees and all other hanging options are protected through the protective pads. With a HÄNG, you always have a chilled time, no matter where you are.
Your Favorite Outdoor-Spot: We love the sea and travel a lot, so the HÄNG offers us many opportunities to relax and for fun and action at the ocean.
Your Outdoor-Tipp: Our tips are The islands of Koh Phangan & Koh Lanta in Thailand and the wild nature of the volcanic island of Fuerteventura.
About you:
We are the Wild & Free Family, we changed our life completely in 2016, we wanted to be free and create our own life. Our children should experience the world with their own eyes and learn about the wonders of nature, different cultures, religions and people. In 2019 we emigrated to the Canary Islands of Fuerteventura and now have our base here for future travels. In 2022 we are planning a safari in Tanzania, and our HÄNG will accompany us.